Blissfinity Pharmatopia is a CADRE project. All the collaborators attended the 210 New Media Seminar at the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at SJSU in December 2010. The project was originally to create a window display part of a program in San Jose that lends vacant store fronts to artists temporarily.

It soon became obvious that the store front was not going to materialize during our window of opportunity so a deal was worked with Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose to park a vehicle to house an installation next to the gallery for the first fridays gallery crawl on December 3.

First we did the brainstorm and developed the idea to create a fantastic pharmacy to examine the recent explosion of ridiculous drugs on the market. There was a great brainstorm session that resulted in great ersatz drug names. This laid the conceptual foundation for the project….next Marek comes out with the side effects list…..Ricky and DC with the Blissfinity wordmark….Sara and Jenene took charge of the products, Yumika and Alcy also produced their own take on products (and Yumika’s table display was seasonal and subtle). 

And then there’s the crazy, quixotic van purchase and the heroic effort of the incredible Alex, and Julie and Jan and Nicole, did I mention that incredible Alex Gibson? Throw in a few things left over from Trading Voices (this materials supply was a planned part of TV btw) and Nicole’s poster and stencil graphics pulled it all together and Marek’s “game that played itself” mezmorized our patients! Oh and did anyone else expect see that incredibly hot nurse Muchelle (Michael)? and the comic Dr. Pusherman (DC) and pharmacists Jenene, Deila, Sara and other name-tagged suspects entertaining people for HOURS!